Smoking Combating Policy

Aljouf Aljadid Co. for Transportation and Oil Services considers that their employee's health to be of vital concern. Smoking has been proven to be detrimental to health and in line with the requirements of the Libyan Health Low, No 106of 1973 as well as an article No 106 of the General People's Congress Committee resolution No (206) of 2009.

Therefore Aljouf Aljadid Co. is adopting a smoking free policy to protect the health and the welfare of the employees and to create a smoke free environment for all employees and subcontractors. This policy will also have others advantages such as reducing the possibility of fire risks within our facilities and vehicles.

Aljouf Aljadid Co. has through process of risk analysis and other considerations decreed that a policy will be implemented as guidance to resolving the situation for the benefit of all company personnel (all offices will be categorized as non-smoking area), all areas where a significant and identified flammable hazards exits are classified as non smoking area e.g. fuel point, chemicals stores, all location where food is stocked, prepared and served are categorized as non smoking area. All light and heavy vehicles owned by Aljouf Aljadid are classified as non-smoking places (where more than1 person is present in the vehicle – the smoker must obtain the permission of other passengers) and finally no smoking in all accommodation or housing facilities.

To support the implementation of this policy: Aljouf Aljadid Co. HSSE Dept is required to organize regular tool box talk with the sits staff and works to enforce the policy and to ensure that signage are displayed clearly in all company facilities.

Each site supervisor is responsible for the implementation of this policy. Non-compliance with this policy will attract disciplinary action as per the company's penalties regulation.





ISO Certificate

ISO Certificate ISO Certificate
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Terex RT780 Hydraulic Rough

Terex RT780 Hydraulic Rough Terex RT780 Hydraulic Rough
New crane added to our company “Terex RT780 Hydraulic Rough terrain crane”


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